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Experience the best school management software along with the integration of modern technology (biometrics, RFID, GPS, Payment gateway, SMS Gateway, CCTV  etc.) with dedicated service and complete school management support function. Only with SchoolMetrix!


All-around school management software for Admin, Teachers, Students, & Parents to manage your institution.

Beautiful Interface

We didn’t just develop the functionality of the software. We’ve made it look amazing so that you’ll love using it.

Custom Designed

By Educationists


Biometrics, RFID, GPS Tracking, Offline & Online Application, Online Payments, 100% Secure Data Servers, and Much More!

Desktop + Android + iOS

Available in a desktop application, online software, or a mobile app. You can even work offline!

Best In Class Software

Who We Are & What We Offer

SchoolMetrix is a comprehensive school solution provider created by BelieveIT Technologies, a well-established software and business solutions provider in Bangalore, India. That means you can depend on us for almost anything relating to technology, stationery, and other important resources for running an educational institution. We provide custom services to suit your institution. Our goal is to be a dependable service provider for schools, colleges, and universities.

Our key product is the SchoolMetrix ERP – School Management Software. This software is like none other in the market in terms of usability, flexibility, and cost-factor.

We Give You More Than Just A School ERP.

We Are A Comprehensive School Infrastructure Provider

We created SchoolMetrix to not just provide software support for school management. We intend to be your “go to” place for all your infrastructure needs. From Smart Class setup to installing Security Systems for your school, and much more, SchoolMetrix is your one-stop-shop for all of your institution’s requirements.

  • Educational ERP
  • School Hardware Setup
  • Official Microsoft Provider
  • Smart Class Setup
  • Smart Learning Tools
Edu Kits
  • Stationery
  • Uniforms
  • Text Books
  • Sports Materials
  • Tablet Computers
  • CCTV Cameras
  • RFID System
  • GPS Enabled Buses
  • GPS Enabled Badges
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • First Aid Kits
Other Infrastructure
  • Science Lab Setup
  • Library Setup
  • Teacher Recruitment
  • Event Management
  • And Much More!


SchoolMetrix is built around student safety and comfort. Our smart badge system along with other safety measures will ensure that your school will be ahead of the game.


SMS Integration

Get up-to-date information about the school, student, holidays, examinations, etc., thanks to the SMS gateway integrated within the core of SchoolMetrix's software.

Smart Badge

We provide our own patented badge with RFID Smart Attendance, Built-In GPS Tracker, & An SOS Panic Button for child safety.

Biometrics Installation

Imagine your school with a fool-proof biometrics system that would keep track of the staff’s attendance, performance, and payroll.

GPS Tracker

We provide installation of GPS trackers in every school bus and every student's badge. This way, you can assure parents about the safety of your institution.
Going Paperless Made Simple

Student Achievement Tracking System (SATS)

Besides monitoring the school’s resources and their performance, capturing attendance and exam results, scholarships and incentive disbursements, making vital info available to parents and staff, etc., the SATS will digitise students’ records for future references, making your school a paperless institution.

Powering Cashless Transactions

Payment Gateway Integration

With SchoolMetrix’s payment gateway integration, fees can be paid online or over the app and salaries can be disbursed easily through a secured internet connection. The CBSE board has recently announced a move towards cashless transactions to make payments easier. Our payment integration will help you migrate to cashless transactions effortlessly.

Complete accounting solution

Accounting Management

SchoolMetrix features a full fledged accounting system to help you manage everything from fee collection, automated teacher payments, book keeping, etc.

Created by experts

Auto Generated Question Papers

In the first of its kind, SchoolMetrix gives teachers the ability to produce question papers automatically without any input into the system. The questions are created by subject experts and are updated on the system regularly.

Online & Offline Reports

Printed Yearly Reports & More

In addition to excellent online report generation, SchoolMetrix will also provide you with a printed yearly report for your record keeping. We also print other material like report cards, circulars, etc.

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